About our BIA

  • Our BIA is an association of commercial property owners and business owners within our defined boundaries.
  • Our special partnership with the City of Toronto (as a City Agency) allows us to create a thriving, competitive, and safe business area that attracts shoppers
  • By working together, our BIA has the capacity to improve our neighborhood.
  • The decisions of the BIA are guided by the volunteer board of management of business owners from our BIA.


This vibrant commercial area along Albion Road from Albion West Plaza to Lund Ave and Islington Ave from Sandhill Drive to Wardlaw Crescent

Focus Areas:

  • Marketing
  • Streetscape
  • Events


Gateway Project coming soon

Concept: The layout responds to the triangular shape of the intersection and provides three triangular, vertical columns that can face vehicular traffic in each direction. Each of the three columns are identical but each is orientated differently, conveying “Albion Islington Square” in all directions. The layout includes a paved space created by bisecting the triangular configuration of the columns. Paving and benches provide a place for pedestrians to rest or wait for the bus.


  • Triangular columns
  • Paved plaza
  • Bench seating
  • Planting
  • Exiting Trees
  • Existing Pizza Pizza Sign
  • Existing TTC bust stop
  • Existing sidewalks


Finch LRT coming to our area in 2023