Albion Islington Square Business Improvement Area is a unique shopping district, showcasing a mix of retail shops, such as the highest concentration in Toronto of jewellers that specialize in 22 and 24 karat gold and diamond designer jewellery.

It is a vibrant commercial strip on Albion Road and Islington Avenue. In a relatively short distance, one samples the great variety indicative of Toronto’s urban fabric: a wide range of clothing & textile shops, featuring traditional, casual and exquisite hand-embroidered apparel, neighborhood grocery stores.

The area boasts of salons, skin care and laser centres, food specialty shops, medical services, pharmacies, lawyers, accountants, mortgage specialists, and travel agencies.

From Tandoor Oven to Wok to Skillet, Albion Islington Square offers a pick of restaurants from South Asia, the Caribbean and around the globe, all offering up sumptuous delicacies.

Location: This vibrant commercial area is located along Albion Road from Lund Avenue to west of John Grubb Court; north of Calstock Drive to Albion West Plaza and Islington Avenue north of Sandhill Drive to the Bell Canada building; north of Thistletown Multi Service Centre grounds to south of Wardlaw Crescent.

About BIA

  • Our BIA is an association of commercial property owners and business owners within our defined boundaries.
  • Our special partnership with the City of Toronto (as a City Agency) allows us to create a thriving, competitive, and safe business area that attracts shoppers
  • By working together, our BIA has the capacity to improve our neighborhood.
  • The decisions of the BIA are guided by the volunteer board of management of business owners from our BIA



Two murals were beautifully illustrated in partnership with BIA members, artist and the Councillors office. Funding for this project was provided by the START program.


  • Funding from Celebrate Ontario grant was awarded to our BIA for our Fusion of Taste festival. With funding we were able to add a launch event, walking tours and invite international artists.
  • The Mayor of Toronto, John Tory attended to the BIA to celebrate Diwali , the Indian festival of lights.


  • Our BIA received funding for the Fusion of Taste festival from Ontario 150.
  • We hosted for the first time the Rexdale foodie festival.
  • We contributed to the first-ever Santa Clause Parade.


Gateway Project

Finalized design for the South East Corner of the BIA

  • $60,000 City Planning (City)
  • $80,000 Transportation (City)
  • $25,000 BIA Office (City)
  • $25,000 Albion Islington BIA
  • $190,000 TOTAL Funding



  • Focusing on digital marketing for our BIA members and BIA including social media.
  • Developing a corporate social responsibility model for our BIA


  • Execution of our Gateway Project at the southeast corner of our BIA
  • Continuation of the painting of our Bell Boxes by FCAG


  • Expanding our signature event, the Fusion of Taste festival to a two-day event.
  • 3rd annual North Etobicoke Santa Clause Parade
  • Tree Lighting Ceremony at Thistletown Community Centre
  • Participating in the Cultural Hotspot initiative

Help Us Build A Stronger BIA

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